How do I know if I have an STI?

You can have an STI without knowing it. Get tested. It’s the only way to be sure.

Testing is easy and straightforward.

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Dr Christine Dykstra and Dr Michelle Yong

Who we are

At Sexual Health North, we are a team of open-minded and knowledgeable sexual health specialists with many years experience in delivering high quality care.  We believe that Perth’s northern suburbs deserve a friendly, comprehensive and accessible sexual health service.

Taking care of your sexual health does not need to be difficult or embarrassing. Looking after your sexual health should be a routine part of life.  Our role is to empower you to make the best informed decisions for your sexual health.

In Joondalup, we offer a convenient clinic where you can access a wide range of services (see below). You can consult our team, have your investigations and treatment all under one roof. We don’t judge, we simply offer solutions for your sexual health needs in one easy location. Make your appointment with Sexual Health North today.

Your sexual health starts here.

About us

Our Services

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A quick ‘peace of mind’ check up when you have no symptoms.

Walk-in Service

When you think you have an STI and need to be seen and treated quickly.

Anonymous Testing

If you want testing but don’t want to use your name.

No Medicare?

No Medicare? We can still test you!

Referral Recommended

Comprehensive sexual health assessment

PrEP/HIV prevention

Get your tailored HIV prevention plan with us.

Sexual health on your travels

Passport✓ Souvenirs✓ Stay STI free, see us before you travel.

Vaccinations for STI prevention

We are your one-stop-provider of tests, vaccinations and treatment in the Joondalup area.

Gay and Bisexual Men’s Health

We believe in health equality for all, regardless of sexual preferences or practices.

Troublesome vaginal discharge

Unusual discharge? Seek help today.

Vulval pain/pain during sex

Our goal is to help alleviate your symptoms and restore your sexual fulfilment.

Anogenital skin conditions

Genital skin problems? We can help restore your sense of wellbeing.

HIV medicine

Look after your HIV in a friendly local service.

Chronic Hep B management

Protect your liver today for a healthier tomorrow.

Chronic Hep C treatment

Get cured now!

IUD insertion

We understand that you may need birth control you can set and forget.

Things we don't do

Whilst we strive to offer a wide range of services, however please note that Sexual Health North is not equipped to assist with the management of unplanned pregnancy, genital cosmetic surgery, or care in the event of a sexual assault.

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