Intrauterine Device (IUD)

At Sexual Health North in Joondalup, we understand that you may need birth control you can set and forget. If you feel overwhelmed by the many contraception methods available, an intrauterine device or IUD might just be the right choice for you: safe, hassle-free and offering long-term protection against unplanned pregnancy.

IUD insertion Perth

Intrauterine device explained

IUD birth control

The six main reasons to get an IUD

Highly effective

Convenient and foolproof

Suitable for most


Rapid return to fertility

Extra non-contraceptive benefits

In case you have concerns about the procedure, we can reassure you that at Sexual Health North, Perth’s sexual health clinic for the northern suburbs in Joondalup, you are in capable hands.

An additional pain killer can help reduce any discomfort if you want. Call us to discuss your questions about IUDs or to make an appointment.

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IUD risks

What are the disadvantages of IUDs?

The device might get expelled from your uterus usually during your period. This is why it is important to check that the IUD string is still in place, to make sure that the device itself is still there.

There is a very small failure rate with IUDs and if you were to fall pregnant with an IUD, then your device will need to be removed as soon as possible as it increases the risk of miscarriage. Although rare, there is also the risk of ectopic pregnancy (where the fertilised egg ends up in the fallopian tube), should a pregnancy occur.

During an IUD insertion, there is a small risk that the IUD might perforate the wall of the uterus.

There is also a small risk of infection in the 3 weeks following insertion.

With the hormonal IUD, women may get irregular bleeding and spotting in the first few months after insertion. Bleeding tends to settle down, with periods becoming shorter and lighter with time.

IUDs do not protect you against sexually transmissible diseases.

IUD insertion Perth

Contraception Perth

How do you get an IUD?

Call one of our friendly team members today to make an appointment for an IUD consultation. Sexual Health North, located in Joondalup (serving the northern suburbs of Perth) looks forward to helping you make the right contraceptive choice.

*Costings: Accurate at the time of writing, but subject to change (dd December 2021)

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