Syphilis is a curable STI that is becoming more common in Australia. Syphilis testing is simple and is recommended for all at-risk groups. Your partner may not know he or she is infected, and many of those infected will have no symptoms.

Leaving syphilis untreated in the body for many years may lead to severe and irreversible damage to the heart, blood vessels or brain. This can be avoided by STI screening. Syphilis testing and treatment are simple and hassle-free at Sexual Health North in Joondalup.

Syphilis Testing | Walk-in Sexual Health Clinic Perth

What is syphilis?

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STI Testing | Walk-in Sexual Health Clinic Perth

Syphilis symptoms & complications of not testing and treating

Known as “The Great Pretender”, the typical syphilis symptoms are more commonly caused by other conditions. This can cause confusion and may lead to misdiagnosis. Early symptoms can include a sore or ulcer on the genitals, mouth, anus, or other parts of your body. These sores are usually painless and often heal without treatment. Even though the sores have resolved, you continue to be infectious and may develop the more generalised symptoms outlined below.

Patients with syphilis can also experience:

  • lymph glands swellings
  • a rash
  • a fever
  • headaches
  • hair loss
  • warty growths on your genitals or around your anus
  • blurry vision or vision loss
  • hearing loss
  • damage to your nervous system
syphilis Perth

STI Testing | Walk-in Sexual Health Clinic Perth

How common is syphilis and who should get tested?

Condoms will help prevent acquiring syphilis but if the bacteria, especially in an ulcer, are present in an area not covered by a condom, you can still get syphilis. One example of this is having oral sex without a condom.

STI Testing | Walk-in Sexual Health Clinic Perth

How do we test you for syphilis?

Testing for syphilis is simple. Most often, you will have a blood test but we may also swab any sores.

Your STI specialist may recommend you have a follow-up test within three months, and whether you should have other STI tests at the same time.

syphilis Perth

Syphilis Treatment | Walk-in Sexual Health Clinic Perth

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It’s important to remember that people with syphilis often have no symptoms, but that testing and treatment are easy. If you are in a high-risk group, protect yourself and your partners by getting tested regularly.

Patients with no symptoms can make use of our easy TestMyself service. Walk-ins are welcome whenever we are open. Our experienced STI specialists aim to provide high-quality sexual health services to all patients, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

syphilis Perth

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