Genital Herpes

Genital herpes is transmitted by having sex with an infected partner. There is no cure for genital herpes but the symptoms can be managed. Patients infected with herpes don’t necessarily have symptoms. Most people will get mild symptoms at most, but others will get painful and frequent symptoms.

If you experience recurrent symptoms or are worried about passing on the infection to your sexual partner, make an appointment at Sexual Health North in Joondalup to discuss your concerns.

Genital Herpes Testing | Walk-in Sexual Health Clinic Perth

What is genital herpes?

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STI Testing | Walk-in Sexual Health Clinic Perth

Genital herpes symptoms & complications of not testing and treating

You can have genital herpes without any symptoms. If you do have symptoms, you may experience a ‘flu-like illness with your first ever episode, including fever, tiredness, headache and swollen glands.

This may be followed by symptoms of:

  • tingling, stinging or itching in the genital or anal area
  • blisters in the genital, anal or buttocks area which break open and leave painful sores
  • stinging while urinating caused by urine running over the sores
  • vaginal discharge
  • urethral discharge

Subsequent recurrence of herpes may begin with symptoms of tingling and or itching (prodrome symptoms) followed on by an ulcer. Complications of herpes although rare can include bladder problems, and inflammation around the brain or spinal cord.

genital herpes Perth

STI Testing | Walk-in Sexual Health Clinic Perth

How common is genital herpes and who should get tested?

Find out more information by talking to the sexual health specialist at Sexual Health North in Joondalup. Our Perth STI specialists can help you manage these symptoms. We treat initial outbreaks, advise you on prevention and management of your symptoms and refer you on for counselling if indicated. We’ll help you with the best ways to talk with your partner about your diagnosis.

STI Testing | Walk-in Sexual Health Clinic Perth

How do we test you for genital herpes?

If you have symptoms of genital sores, splits or itchy spots, a swab can be taken to test for herpes.

The best test to determine if you have genital herpes is a swab when you have symptoms. Occasionally your sexual health specialist may recommend doing a blood test.

STI Testing | Walk-in Sexual Health Clinic Perth

We can offer treatments and prevention advice

genital herpes Perth

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Genital herpes is common and can cause recurrent symptoms. Recurrent symptoms can have a psychological and emotional impact on individuals as well as affecting their ability to have fulfilling relationships.

Symptom management of herpes is important as it shortens the duration of attacks as well as reducing your risk of passing on the virus. Serious complications from herpes are rare.

Our team specialises in sexual health. We are experts in diagnosing, counselling, testing and treating all STIs, including genital herpes. We pride ourselves on our open access, confidential and non-judgemental service.

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