STI Testing

Sexual Health North offers a range of sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing options:

  • a quick and easy TestMyself solution,
  • a walk-in service for people with symptoms
  • a comprehensive sexual health assessment
  • anonymous testing
  • testing for people without Medicare

STI Testing Perth


An express STI testing option when you have no symptoms or signs of an infection

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What is TestMyself?

STI Testing | Walk-in Sexual Health Clinic Perth

Walk-in service for people with symptoms of an STI

Although many people can have an STI without symptoms, most STIs can cause symptoms. Our STD clinic in Perth offers a walk-in/drop-in service for when you believe you have contracted an STI.

Sometimes these symptoms can develop quickly and, if left untreated, can lead to complications. For example, you might have an abnormal genital discharge, or pain passing urine, which then worsens into a testicular or pelvic infection. Sores and discharges may be associated with sexually transmitted infections, such as herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhoea and syphilis. If you have developed STI symptoms such as an unusual genital discharge, blisters, or genital sores, you should seek medical attention.

Some longer-term, more persistent symptoms such as genital warts, do not require urgent management. If that's the case, we recommend obtaining a referral before your visit and booking a comprehensive sexual health assessment. This will likely be a cost-saving option as well. You will often pay less because, as a referred patient to our services, the fees are lower due to higher Medicare rebates.

If you are a walk-in patient with acute symptoms, your appointment and fees will include:

  • a detailed patient history
  • examination
  • testing
  • treatment & advice
  • follow-up schedule
STI testing perth

STI Testing | Walk-in Sexual Health Clinic Perth

Comprehensive sexual health assessment

Anonymous STI Testing | Walk-in Sexual Health Clinic Perth

Anonymous testing and testing in people not covered by Medicare

STI Testing | Walk-in Sexual Health Clinic Perth

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