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TestMyself express STI screening?

Which HIV prevention strategy is right for you?

Pregnancy related services

Sex without your consent / sexual assault

It is important to get the best specialist care and advice after you have been assaulted. Other services are better able to deliver this care. You may need the immediate medical attention found in hospital emergency departments. If not, the Sexual Assault Resource Centre (SARC) provides free specialist medical and counselling services for both recent and past assaults. They care for people of all gender identities and it doesn’t matter whether you plan to involve the police or not.

Vaccinations for STI prevention

Planning to avoid STIs & HIV while traveling

Packing list: Passport ✓, phone charger ✓, toothbrush ✓, condoms & lube??

Whether traveling for business or a holiday, people can seek out new experiences, meet new people and act differently than they would at home. This can apply to the amount we drink, our sexual activity, body piercings, tattoos, and party drug use. If not carefully considered, all of these things can increase the risk of bringing home an unwanted souvenir. The rates of STIs / HIV can be significantly higher overseas.

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